Top 10 Questions About List Building


Top 10 Questions About List Building This complimentary 10 video training series will help you understand the importance of building your email list and how you can use that list to massively increase your profits and impact.

When you understand the essentials of list building and the best practices you can begin to build, grow and foster your own list into the MOST profitable asset in your business!

Building a targeted and engaged tribe of loyal word of mouth promoters IS the big secret to running a successful online business and creating the lifestyle of your dreams!

Each short, easily digestible training video below focuses on ONE aspect of list building. Each video touches on one of the top ten questions I get asked about building and growing a profitable email list.

In this fun and informative FREE video series, you’ll learn:

• What a list is and why YOU need to start building yours today

• How much time your list is going to take to build and whether you’ll ever be done

• Whether buying or renting email lists will help or hurt you in the long run

• The only THREE tools you need to start building a list TODAY

• What type of things to email your list and how often to email them

• What a landing page is and how to use them to grow your list

• How to create killer sales pages and use them to grow your list, profits and impact in your market

• Why is video CRUCIAL to building a profitable list and how you easily create videos with the content you already have

• How webinars work and how you can use them to build and grow your list QUICKLY

• How to leverage social media in just MINUTES a day to drive a constant stream of new leads to your optins and build a raving tribe of loyal tribe of word of mouth promoters

Without further adieu, here you go…

 VIDEO 1: What is a List and Why is List Building the Key to Successful Online Marketing?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• A discussion of the power of email campaigns vs. email promotions

• The present day formula for business success

• Debunking myths about list building, including whether the size of your income is related to the size of your email list.


VIDEO 2: How Much Time is My List Going to Take Me to Build a Profitable List?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• SEVEN simple ways to drive a constant stream of new traffic to your opt ins.

• TEN Ways to build trust with your list quickly.

• The difference between influence and popularity and how to make sure you have the biggest impact on your list.

• The power of influence and TEN ways to make sure you’re building influence with your list.


VIDEO 3: Should I Buy or Rent an Email List?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• What reputable email marketing means and how to make sure you stay reputable.

• FOUR main ways list sellers collect the email addresses they sell.

• TWO major risks you will face if you use purchased or rented email lists.

• How Blacklisting and Low Response Rates will destroy you your list and plague you with sender reputation penalties that you will likely never recover from.


VIDEO 4: What Tools Do I Need to Begin Building My Email List?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• THREE tools needed to start building your list TODAY

• How to avoid the biggest error business owners make on their webpages.

• The THREE objectives of ANY webpage

• A strategy for fine tuning the structure of new and existing webpages.

• How to setup an email campaign


VIDEO 5: What Type of Things Do I Email My List and How Often Do I Email Them?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• FOUR types of emails to send you list

• Top FOUR ways to package your free content

• How affiliate marketing works

• SEVEN types of goods you can sell

• THREE types of Success and Failure stories you can send your list to inspire and motivate them


VIDEO 6: What is a Landing Page or Opt-in Page and How Can I Use them to Build a MASSIVE email list?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• SEVEN ways to package your premium free conent

• Anatomy of a landing page


VIDEO 7: What is a Sales Page and How Do I Effectively Use Them for List Building?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• THIRTEEN elements of a sales page

• FOUR ways to establish your credibility

• TEN things you can offer as a bonus

• FIVE ways to create genuine urgency


VIDEO 8: Why is Video Crucial to Building a Massive Email List?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• Video statistics regarding list building – this stuff will blow your mind!

• THREE reasons why video content is so crucial in list building

• How to create killer videos without having to get your of your pajamas

• The minimum equipment needed to make killer talking head videos

• The power of screen capture videos

• How to breathe new life into old content by making it into new videos

• THREE elements that make a killer video


VIDEO 9: How Can I Use Webinars to Build and Grow My Email List?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• SEVEN reasons to use webinars to grow your list

• TEN steps of a webinar – from creation to recording

• FIVE ways to get webinar attendees

• How joint ventures pack the MOST powerful punch of all in list building and webinars


VIDEO 10: How do I Use Social Media to Generate Traffic and Grow My Email List?

Some of the highlights in this video are…

• Debunking the myths you might believe about social media

• TEN mistakes you MUST avoid on social media

• How to use campaigns on Social Media to get massive results for your list building endeavors


I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know if you found these videos helpful.  Also, do me a favor as post any questions about listing building or email marketing you have below in the comments and I will help any way I can.  I’ll be creating more free training videos based on your feedback so don’t be shy!

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