The #1 Rule For Building Your Online Business


The #1 Rule For Building Your Online Business It took me at TWO YEARS to understand the ins and outs of building an email list.

And another couple figuring out how to actually profit from my list.

NOW that my list is hands down the most profitable asset in my business…

I can’t tell you how sad I get when I hear from struggling business owners that they either don’t have a list or don’t know how to sell to their list.


You’ve probably heard the buzz word “opt-in” and all the hype about email marketing, but you may be wondering how to make email marketing work for YOUR business.

Maybe you’ve been diligently collecting email addresses and sending out emails but haven’t seen a single penny of profit come from it?

Boy have I been there!

I remember sending what I thought were killer emails out to my list only to feel like the world was crumbling when all I saw were a couple unsubscribes each time.

The truth is…

It was only when I discovered the power of email campaigns and learned how to properly setup the tools needed for my list that I was able to quadrupled my profits, yep quadrupled and I’ve been helping my clients achieve similar results ever since.

It’s easy to get caught up in the madness of social media these days, but the fact remains, email marketing is still the only medium to move your leads through what experts call “the know, like, and trust funnel.”

At the base of a this funnel is repeat sales and free word of mouth marketing, which is when your customers believe so strongly in your content and message that they become voluntary promoters for you.

Actively spreading your message based on their pure belief in you.

How does some of that unwavering support sound? YES PLEASE!

See, the BIG secret to successful email marketing is knowing the difference between a marketing promotion and a marketing campaign.

The #1 Rule For Building Your Online Business

The mistake most business owners make is sending their list an email promotion, which is a single touch point, like sending out a sales discount or a one off email. Sound familiar? (it’s ok, I’m raising my hand too)

What you should really be doing is sending out an email campaign, which is a series of touch points deliberately setup over an extended period of time that builds up to your killer offer.

Do you see the difference in approach?

The #1 Rule For Building Your Online Business

By giving and giving to your list FIRST through an email campaign, you can build your credibility with them AND get them well-prepared to buy.

Then, when it comes time to approach them with your sales offer, they are much more likely to buy from, drastically increasing your profits and ROI.

In the current economy email addresses are like GOLD!

Some Jackasses try and argue that email marketing is going to come to a screeching halt and that social media is actually where the future of online marketing is going. Have you wondered if they are right?

Let me ask you this…How do you login to your social media sites?

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest it’s probably with an EMAIL address, right?

I rest my case. If email goes by the wayside, Social Media is dead in the water. So don’t believe that crap!

Inversely, let’s say in some freaky alternate universe Facebook and Twitter shutdown tomorrow.

I know, how I could even joke about such a travesty. Just hear me out!

Would you still have a way of directly connecting to your followers?

See, without having their email address you’d lose your entire tribe and your profits would be what’s halted.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Social Media, what I am saying is that it is SECONDARY to the power of your email list.

It’s important you understand that your own business success and growth is directly DEPENDENT on building and fostering a responsive and engaged email list.

Still don’t believe me? Hear it straight from the legend himself, Mr. Jeff “Product Launch Master” Walker…

After you’re done watching Jeff”s video, my question to you is this:

Are you building an email list? Are you profiting from your email list?  What is your greatest struggle with list building? Share your story and/or questions in the comments.