How To Setup a New Email Campaign

An email campaign is simply prewritten emails that are sent at specified time intervals to take a lead in a progressive manner through your free premium content to sales offer. The power of an email campaign opposed to an email promotion is building UP to your offer. Think of it this way… It’s your job […]

4 Ways To Establish Credibility With Your Email List

Expertise is great, but it’s absolutely worthless if people don’t BELIEVE in your expertise. You’ve got to help new leads see that you’re the bees knees in a matter of seconds or they will be off to the next bright and shiny object. Here are 4 simple methods for establishing credibility with your email list:

Email Marketing: Should I Buy or Rent and Email List?

Many business owners just starting out believe buying a list is the easiest and quickest way to grow their business and reach more people, but they’re horribly misinformed. If ANYONE tells you they have a targeted or opt-in compliant email list for sale or rent…RUN AWAY! The fact is that DOESN’T exist! And anyone that […]

7 Most Snackable Types of Ethical Bribes

Building an engaged, loyal and profitable email list is as much about the size and number of sales as it is about the number of new leads entering your marketing funnel. You need to ALWAYS be driving new leads to your ethical bribes, or free value content so you can collect their information and move […]

How Bright Light Syndrome Is Killing Conversions On Your Website

Every website is NOT created equal.  In fact most, and this maybe yours so listen up, most are losing a huge amount of leads and traffic because of ONE problem. Bright Light Syndrome! A rampant problem business owners are making is muddling up the lead capture potential on their website with what I refer to […]