SlideShare and Pinterest: 8 Ways to Use Them Together for Viral Marketing Power


With the recent addition of Pinterest integration on SlideShare there are now even more ways the two can be joined together to grow your small business and increase your ROI!

Here are 8 ways you can use SlideShare to grow your business and increase your Pinterest followers, which means more chance for your content to go viral and make you LOTS of moola…something we all would like, right?

1. Curate Your OWN Content

With the free services offered by SlideShare there is no excuse for not creating a presence with their content sharing features! Become a trusted expert in your field by providing free meaningful content that your target audience is looking for.

Create that information in a visual manner using SlideShare and then pin that presentation on one of your Pinterest boards. From there you can share it on all your other social media sites and watch your work go viral!

2. Pin Past Presentations, Webinars, and/or Training

Book more speaking engagements by pinning your past speeches, keynotes, webinars, training and/or presentations from SlideShare to Pinterest. You could even build a board all about your past events including photographs of the events and testimonials, along with your SlideShare content.

3. Pin SlideShare Presentations Created by Others

Don’t have your own presentations on SlideShare yet? Don’t worry, there are TONS of presentations on just about any topic you can think of. Find content your audience can gain something from and you’d be surprised how grateful they will be, meaning how quickly they will share and re-pin. What’s the best part? Almost no one is doing this yet! Be the pioneer in your circle and start pinning the power of SlideShare content onto your boards today.

4. Create Your Pinterest Content on SlideShare

Yep, I said that right! The power of SlideShare and Pinterest can work just as well in reverse. Create SlideShare presentations of your Pinterest content and include your Pinterest profile name at the bottom, and I bet you pick up some new followers. Not only will you be building your Pinterest following, you will also increase your presence on SlideShare, meaning this is a two for one kind of deal – how can you pass THAT up?

5. Include A “Freemium” on the Last Page of Your Presentation To Build Your Mailing List

If you have a giveaway, freemium or other free resource include that on the last page of your SlideShare presentation with a note asking people to come sign up for your free newsletter to get access to the mentioned content. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site, while capturing their email address and growing your mailing list. This could be one of the quickest ways to grow your mailing list for FREE!

6. Collaborate on Pinterest Boards With Conference Speakers

With Pinterest allowing multiple pinners to a board now this is the perfect opportunity to join forces with fellow presenters! Collaborate with fellow presenters to build ONE comprehensive board about the entire event, allowing all presenters to pin their presentations as well as photographs and any other applicable content from the event. Your followers will love this, but more importantly this will put YOUR content in front of a lot of other people via the fellow presenters you are sharing the board with.

7. Use Pinterest To Hone Your Presentation Skills

Scour Slideshare for presentations that “speak to you” and pin these to a special board for your own presentation inspiration. This will further build your following on SlideShare and Pinterest and gives you endless opportunities to learn and hone your own presentation skills so you can become the authority on them one day…SOON!

8. Create a Story Board

Build a presentation that describes your story, including short text snippets, images and other applicable content and pin that on Pinterest. It will help build virtual “trust” and broaden your customer reach as people read and learn about you and your products and services.

What do you think?! Is Pinterest and SlideShare a match made in heaven?

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