How To Leverage Webinars To Grow Your Email List


How To Leverage Webinars To Grow Your Email List One of hottest list building tools for brands these days are webinars.  And for good reason.

They are a great way to engage and interact with your community, they’re stellar for training and selling, and they’re easier then ever to create and promote.

(Hint: lead generating GOLD)

Actually, there’s more reasons that those.

Here are 7 key reasons why you should be using webinars to build and grow your list:

 1. Keeps You In Touch

Staying in front of and relevant with your list will keep them engaged and responsive. Remember: It takes multiple touch points before someone is ready to buy so using webinars can add a very personal and powerful touch point and help quickly establish your trustworthiness.

2. Builds Credibility

Webinars help establish your expertise on your topic and sets the tone for the level of quality and value new subscribers can expect from you.

3. Lead Generating

By promoting webinars through social media, affiliate partners and advertising you can direct a continual stream of targeted traffic into your list on autopilot. And webinars make parting with an email address easier as your lead doesn’t have to go read something or even download something, they just have to login, sit back and enjoy.

4. Genuine Scarcity

Providing scarcity is proven to increase conversion rates on opt-ins, and webinars do that by default. See, even the most deluxe plan at GoToWebinar you are capped at a maximum of 1000 seats. And people typically know this about webinars. So, you don’t have to be artificial the software provides the scarcity for you, and the fact that it’s out of your hands makes the scarcity credible, genuine and really effective. Try “Act Now, Spots are Limited” – it WORKS!

5. Perfects Speaking And Presenting skills

You know what they say about practice making perfect, right? Webinars are a GREAT way to hone your skills at these talents, and prepare you for the BIG dogs like The Today Show and Oprah. Don’t scoff, you’ll be surprised how many people seek you out when you start making your mark with your content, message and products and programs.

6. Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Webinars save you time and money by not having to travel AND they tend to lend themselves to a more informal, comfortable and relaxing space for those of us that are not yet used to presenting to hundreds and thousands of people. There’s not much more bang you can get out of one HOUR of your life. Nothing gives in the way of new leads and meaningful connections like webinars do.

7. Future Bonus Or Free Gift

Webinars make GREAT bonus or Free Gift material down the road. Once you’ve got your recorded version you can then use it to sweeten the pot on a future offer.

Now that you know what webinars are and why you should use them, let’s talk about HOW they work.

How Webinars Work

 1. Choose Your Webinar Topic

Make it specific and relevant to one of your audience’s pain points.

 2. Create A New List In Your Autoresponder Specifically For Webinar Sign Ups

Later on you’ll transfer this list onto your main list so make sure and let subscribers know that they are signing up for your webinar and as an added bonus you’ll be sending them future updates on the topic.

3. Create Your Landing Page

This should follow the Landing Page guidelines I talked about in video# 6. Which includes a brief write up and an opt-in box to register…remember, you will get the embed code for your opt-in form straight from your Autoresponder once you set this new list up.

4. Promote Your Webinar

Write a blog post to use on social media and other sites to promote your webinar. You can also find promotional partners that will cross promote with you, allowing you to leverage the power of their list.

5. Setup Web Conferencing Tool

Setup your conferencing software with the material, dates and times that are applicable to your webinar.

6. Day Before Reminder

The day before the webinar send a reminder email telling your attendees that youwill send the sign on information a couple hours before the webinar begins the next day.

7. Send Out Reminder Emails W/ Sign-On Information

The day of your webinar send an email reminder out 4 hours before the event and another reminder email just before it starts. Include the sign on information inboth of these emails.

8. Host Webinar

It can be daunting to manage all the technology and elements of a webinar, especially the first few times out of the gate so it’s a great idea to have a least one person there to help you.

 9. Create Replay

Send a recording of the webinar to the webinar list in your autoresponder providing them a link to the replay. You can provide the recording for a limited time, like a few days, but if you choose that route let people know that!

 10. Export Your Webinar List Into Your Main List In Your Autoresponder

If everything was done right you should be adding a lot of new subscribers to your list.

Now those of you that are just starting out you’re probably wondering how you can gather targeted attendees and on the cheap, right?

Here are 5 ways to drive attendants to your webinar:

1. Offer A Free Gift

Make your free webinar PITCH free too. Meaning, don’t pitch any product or present any offer for sale. Instead, promote the freebie that you’ll be giving away and offer it at the end of the webinar, so you can keep them until the end.

2. Advertise on Facebook or Good AdWords for YouTube

You can get inexpensive click rates if you target the advertising correctly. Both platforms have tons of information on how to use their advertising systems.

3. Create A Group On LinkedIn

Post free high value content and ask members for their opinions on the material and to share it with their tribe. There is a lot of business powerhouses on LinkedIn, so don’t undervalue its power. Once you get a good amount of interaction in the group you can systematize your efforts so the group runs on autopilot.

4. Look At Your Local Market

Go to or organize a MeetUp in your area or register for a networking event. Every major area has them, so start looking into live free events in your area to connect with local business owners.

5. Find Joint Venture Partners

Joint Venture Partners are hands down the fastest way to grow your list and profit from that list.

Webinar Stats and Figures for 2013 Infographic by ON24.

Now I’d love to hear from you…

Are you running webinars in your business?  What’s been your experience with webinars and what tips do you have? Share your ideas or questions in the comments!