10 Ways To Build Influence With Your Email List

Trust is CRITICAL when it comes to fostering a profitable email list, but guess what is equally as important? INFLUENCE! Influence drives, inspires, is unwavering, and causes people to take action. Influence is about getting people to actually do something. Influence is NOT the same as Popularity! “Popularity is fleeting. Influence lasts” Popularity is when […]

10 Ways To Build Trust With Your Email List Quickly

Now that you’ve began driving traffic to your Opt-in page, now you’re probably wondering how you can profit from these new leads quickly without turning into a sleazy, salesy (very technical terms, I know) dbag? As I’m sure you’ve heard me say at least once or twice, the profitability of your list is not in […]

How To Leverage Webinars To Grow Your Email List

One of hottest list building tools for brands these days are webinars.  And for good reason. They are a great way to engage and interact with your community, they’re stellar for training and selling, and they’re easier then ever to create and promote. (Hint: lead generating GOLD) Actually, there’s more reasons that those. Here are […]

How To Setup a New Email Campaign

An email campaign is simply prewritten emails that are sent at specified time intervals to take a lead in a progressive manner through your free premium content to sales offer. The power of an email campaign opposed to an email promotion is building UP to your offer. Think of it this way… It’s your job […]

4 Ways To Establish Credibility With Your Email List

Expertise is great, but it’s absolutely worthless if people don’t BELIEVE in your expertise. You’ve got to help new leads see that you’re the bees knees in a matter of seconds or they will be off to the next bright and shiny object. Here are 4 simple methods for establishing credibility with your email list: