How To Create A Custom LeadBox Image With PowerPoint {Free Template & Designs}

Want to put your list building on beast mode? The best tool on the market is hands down LeadBoxes™! Leadboxes gives us solopreneurs the ability to create branded opt-in forms that can be placed in our blog posts, on our websites or ANYWHERE an HTML link can be placed. They also put the power of […]

6 Ways to Repurpose Your List Type Blog Posts

List type articles and blog posts are all the rage right now. Why? Well, they’re quick to consume, easy to process and they’re one of the most viral types of content out there these days. Who doesn’t love a list, right? BUT, the coolest part of creating list type blog posts is the endless ways […]

How To Brand Your Pinterest Profile With Custom Board Covers {Free PowerPoint Template}

Branding doesn’t start or stop with your website and/or blog. Your website is the pot of gold (at least it should be). But like every pot of gold, you need a vibrant rainbow to find it. Consistent branding on your blog, in your visual content and across your social media profiles will create that rainbow. […]

5 Straightforward Ways to Create Genuine Scarcity

One tactic many use in their sales copy is scarcity and I get it.  Some Goo-roo told you to use scarcity in your sales pitch to double, triple maybe even quadruple your sales. Blah, blah, blah! Yes, scarcity can help increase conversions and sales but… ONLY if it’s genuine! Whether you’re selling online or in […]

4 Type of Emails You Need to Create Raving Fans

Email Anxiety, is it real? HELL YEAH! Sending out emails can be scary…hoping you don’t frighten anyone into unsubscribing or even worse, be called a SPAMMER. While there’s no “one size fits all” rule that applies to sending emails to your email list, there are best practices. So don’t panic! I’m going to walk you […]