Here’s What Chic Geek Academy Is All About

Andrea Beltrami Hey, what’s up? I’m Andrea Beltrami, the founder of Chic Geek Academy, and if you’ve ever asked yourself:

“What’s the quickest way to propel my business into the online stratosphere and bask in financial peace of mind, all living the life of a wildly successful solopreneur?”

Or if you’ve ever just needed a support system to bounce ideas off, run something by or to reach out to when you’re stuck…

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

 Here’s How Chic Geek Academy Helps
Solopreneurs Get Ahead In Life and Business

Here’s the deal:

The BIG secret to being a wildly successful solopreneur in this fast paced and technology driven world we live in today is…

…to learn from those that are ALREADY doing it.

The hardest part is finding the time to learn all the skills needed… while working a full-time job… while raising a family… while running a business.

But, no worries, I GOT YA COVERED!

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, thousands of training videos, and wasting time implementing strategies and systems from so called “experts” that are outdated and don’t work for us solopreneurs…

…subscribe to Chic Geek Academy (it’s free), and you’ll get tested and PROVEN strategies, tactics and systems from world renowed leaders in marketing, design and social media- the real movers and shakers out there that are already crushing it, and of course, me, Andrea Beltrami.

The best part:

I’ll cut through the fluff and tech, showing you exactly what’s working and how to start implementing it in your business and life.

Just good ole EPICALLY PRACTICAL TIPS you can start using today!

 Introducing Chic Geek Academy
(The Blog and The Web TV Show)

Chic Geek Academy is a flourishing (and rapidly growing) community of solopreneurs, infopreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to tap into their true purpose and create the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

There are two main components of a Chic Geek Academy. There’s the blog and the web tv show. When you subscribe for free email updates you’ll gain access to both PLUS exclusive premium content I only share with my email list (I treat my email subscribers like the gifts you are!).

Here’s what each “component” is all about:

Chic Geek Academy, the blog, is where you’ll get proven tips, templates, strategies and systems that are specific to the solopreneurs journey. Everything I create and share on Chic Geek Academy is to designed to get you more of what you want and need in your life and business.

Chic Geek Academy, the web tv show, is short and easily digestible 3 to 10 minute training videos where I’ll share insanely implementable tutorials and tips that can get results RIGHT AWAY. Past videos are about “list building: the five pillars to profiting”, “the 3-step system for repurposing content for infinity and beyond”, “the promotional partnering farts you don’t want to let slip”, and more.

What’s the best way to get all of this INSANELY IMPLEMENTABLE and results generating free training?? Sign up for email updates above.

About Andrea Beltrami

Andrea Beltrami

Chic Geek Academy was founded by Andrea Beltrami. Andrea, or Dre as most know her as, is a self proclaimed chic geek with a penchant for sarcasm and shenanigans.

As a recovering corporate sellout Dre knows that unwavering fire that resides inside us serial entrepreneur types all too well. After battling the crippling effects of a decade long slump in a life and career she was unfilled in she quit her job, cashed out her savings and began the journey to achieve her lifelong dream of self employment. After only a year (and a LOT of hard work) she grew a highly successful and profitable web & graphic design business that she’s been running for over 5 years now.

After creating 100’s of websites and 1000’s of images for her clients in various niches (insurance, retail, family law, fashion, etc) she’s refocused her business on what she loves most: Helping Solopreneurs Create Wildly Successful Businesses and Master Self Employment On Their Terms! (those just like her).

You’ll find Dre’s training style and approach informal, easy to follow and entertaining (she hopes). She uses an effective blend of data driven marketing (research data, case studies, etc), email marketing and genuine human interaction to teach, connect and inspire her fellow solopreneurs.

If you want to learn the strategies, tactics and systems she and her clients use, all you have to do is enter your name and email above and click the “submit” to subscribe!