7 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Opt-In Page


7 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Opt-In Page Do you know the TOP reason why most business owners fail at building a PROFITABLE list?


You MUST  have a steady stream of new leads opting in to your email list or you’re going to be stuck in a permanent state of waste!

See people are GOING to opt out, no matter what kind of killer content you have and how much of a rock star you are on your topic. It’s a natural progression.

Think about this way…

People are constantly learning and changing and so do their needs and tastes.

Are you still following the same businesses and people that you were a couple years ago? Probably, not.

Maybe last year you were 110% focused on decorating your new home, but now that that’s done you’ve probably moved on to something else. Maybe you’re starting a family, or maybe you’re looking to tackle the yard this year.

Can you see where I am going here?

 If you focus on driving new leads to your email list on a consistent basis you WILL grow the profitability of your list and avoid failing like so many others will!

Here are 7 simple ways to drive a constant stream of new traffic to your opt ins:

1. Blog Posts

Whether it’s text or video consistently release free content on your blog and promote the hell out of that content

 2. Articles

Write guest articles and/or let other’s interview you on your topic so new audiences can be exposed to you

3. Forums

Find forums that deal with your topic and provide answers on relevant threads by giving them the solution and then providing a link to your complete solution.

4. Videos

Videos are all the rage right now, and for damn good reason – they WORK! Incorporate video into your message and promote those videos on video sharing sites and social media.

5. Organic Traffic

This is almost entirely out of your hands, and yet not at all. This is where keywords, tagging and SEO come in REAL handy! Consistently post content on your website and make sure to optimize it as best you can.

6. Advertising

Use Google, Facebook or LinkedIn’s Ads to drive highly targeted paid traffic to your opt-ins

7. Affiliates

Find partners that will cross promote with you…this is by far the option with the biggest return if done right! We will dive deep into Affiliates later on in the series, so if this one doesn’t make much sense yet don’t panic.

There you have it, 7 different streams of leads to your opt-ins…not too shabby!

Now, I’d love to hear from you…

 Are you happy with the amount of traffic coming to your Opt-in offers? What’s your most successful type of free ethical bribe?  Share your findings and/or questions about generating traffic in the comments. I’ll be creating future training from your feedback so don’t be shy!…