7 Most Snackable Types of Ethical Bribes


7 Most Snackable Types of Ethical Bribes Building an engaged, loyal and profitable email list is as much about the size and number of sales as it is about the number of new leads entering your marketing funnel.

You need to ALWAYS be driving new leads to your ethical bribes, or free value content so you can collect their information and move them from a prospective lead to a captured lead.

Here is a list of 7 of the highest converting types of ethical bribes:

1. Video Training Series

Which are great for delivering content on broader topics

 2. Cheat Sheet

Are great ways to breakdown a process into bite size pieces

 3. Checklists

Are another great ways to breakdown a process into chunks

 4. Free Chapter or Module

If you have a course or a book, you should think about giving away a free module or chapter as a teaser

5. Templates

Or create a template pack with different options to get folks started right away

6. Infographics

Infographics have picked up a lot of steam in the last couple years, because they’re great for graphically depicting a topic or process. Who doesn’t love an instruction manual with PICTURES!

7. E-Report

If you have a large chunk of material to cover use an e-report to organize the content into a handy reference guide

Now, choose at least one of these and start crafting YOUR ethical bribe. 

Share in the comments what your latest or most successful ethical bribe has been.  If you are stuck on what type of ethical bribe to create share your story in the comments and let the awesome genius that’s in the CGA community help!