5 Straightforward Ways to Create Genuine Scarcity


5 Ways to Create Genuine Scarcity One tactic many use in their sales copy is scarcity and I get it.  Some Goo-roo told you to use scarcity in your sales pitch to double, triple maybe even quadruple your sales.

Blah, blah, blah!

Yes, scarcity can help increase conversions and sales but…

ONLY if it’s genuine!

Whether you’re selling online or in a brick and mortar setting you’re selling to human beings, not some shit for brains robots.

As technology has evolved so have humans; in fact, to the point that we’ve become very aware of smoke being blown up our ass.

Don’t blatantly lie to create scarcity, or any other forced phenomenon.

Hey here’s a novel concept, if you want to leverage scarcity in your sales pitch…

…create it GENUINELY!

Here are 5 simple ways to create authentic scarcity in your sales pitches and email marketing campaigns:

1. Compelling Value

This might seem obvious, but it REALLY does work. Tell your prospects in detail how you can help them create massive happiness or avoid horrible pain in their lives or business. When someone truly connects with your message it’s captivating for them and that creates urgency by default.

2. Reduced Price

Offer a limited time reduced price and let them know that this price is special and that it WILL increase.

3. Limited Supply

If you have a limited number of units you can offer let them know that, but don’t be a jerk off and say something is limited if it’s not…that kills trust instantly.

4. Limited Time

If you are placing a time limit on your offer make sure and tell them, and make sure you let them know WHY it’s only being offered for a limited time.

5. Added Bonuses

If reducing the price of something sounds counterproductive try adding more value to the offer to sweeten the pot and create authentic urgency.

There you have it, 5 ways to build scarcity authentically without being a bold face phoney.

Now my question to you is:

Have you stretched the truth to leverage scarcity before?  Come on, come clean, even just the smallest of white lies?  Have you used any of the methods in this list?  Do you have a different way you credit scarcity that wasn’t mentioned in this list?  Share your thoughts and story in the comments…