4 Ways To Establish Credibility With Your Email List


4 Ways To Establish Credibility With Your Email List Expertise is great, but it’s absolutely worthless if people don’t BELIEVE in your expertise.

You’ve got to help new leads see that you’re the bees knees in a matter of seconds or they will be off to the next bright and shiny object.

Here are 4 simple methods for establishing credibility with your email list:

 1. Already Figured Out The Solution

You don’t have to have an overpaid certification or even be a highly paid professional; your credibility might simply be that you’ve already figured out the solution their looking for.

2. Link Logo’s To Sites That Have Featured You

If you’ve ever been featured on a website or blog, no matter how well known they are…display their logo on your sales page. See logo’s whether they recognize them or not will create trust between you and your visitors, because it establishes that other companies already trust you. Make sure you ask for permission to use their logo, but most don’t mind.

3. Facebook Or Blog Comments

When people visit a website they’re face with a choice: read on or click away. When they’re uncertain what to do, they’ll look to other people to see what they’ve done. That’s where the Facebook comments plugin or blog comments payoff big time. If people see a ton of comments, they assume other people already trust you, making them believe they can trust you too.

4. Subscriber, Visitor Or Follower Numbers

If you’ve got a decent number of subscribers, followers or website visitors display that! Whether its blog subscribers, Facebook Likes, Twitter followers or unique visits to your website those numbers pack a powerful punch and can demonstrate your credibility quickly. It’s just another method of social proof that helps new visitors build trust quickly with you by relying on the traction you’ve already made out there.

 Now I’d love to hear from you! 

Have you used any of these methods to build credibility with your list?  Is there another method to build credibility that I left off of this list?  Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments and let’s get some discussion going on this…