4 Type of Emails You Need to Create Raving Fans


4 Types of Email to Create Raving Fans_SM Email Anxiety, is it real?


Sending out emails can be scary…hoping you don’t frighten anyone into unsubscribing or even worse, be called a SPAMMER.

While there’s no “one size fits all” rule that applies to sending emails to your email list, there are best practices. So don’t panic!

I’m going to walk you through EXACTLY what type of emails you should send your list and how often you should send each of type of email.

So let’s not waste time.

Week 1:

The first week a subscriber is on your list is kinda like the “first date”….but an extended one.  But don’t worry; you don’t have to cuddle with them after! 😉

See, during this period your list is getting to know you and deciding if you’re a good match.

It’s vital that you treat new leads the right way so that they stick around and become a loyal fan.

Now I’m NOT saying that week one is important and after that you can slack off and treat a lead like a notch on your belt.

What I am saying is that week one is your first impression so to speak, so don’t be that date, you know the one. They talk about themselves the whole time and leave you wishing an alien would come down and abduct them so you can ESCAPE.

Bottom line…

Week 1 is all about setting the tone, making a real connection and establishing the ways you can help them!

So, right off the bat you should send free content that oozes with value.  I mean real implementable, results driving value.

Which brings us to…

The 4 Types of Emails That You Should Be Sending Your List Regularly

High Value Free Content Your first email campaign to a subscriber should be chalked full of the best most effective and implementable FREE content you’ve got.

This can be in the form of:

•A training series like this one

•An e-report

•How To videos

•Blog post

Or any other mode of delivery you feel will help your audience most.

High value free content is the ONLY thing you should be sending new leads during the first week or two

After that, you should be sending your list free high value content AT LEAST twice a month on a consistent basis.

If you choose every other Wednesday to release new content, stick to that schedule.

Whatever schedule YOU choose, be consistent about it and I promise you will reap the rewards with your list.

Next Up…

Affiliate Offers

 Affiliate Offers go a lil something like this…

 Step 1: You choose an applicable affiliate offer that is 110% relevant to your list.

And I mean RELEVANT! If you’re selling a program for wedding photography don’t promote a dog training course or a bartending course. ONLY present your list with things that WILL truly serve them!

Some affiliate offers you present will simply be for products and programs you love, support and highly recommend.

Other affiliate offers will be from partners you agree to cross-promote with. Meaning, you promote them and they promote you.

Step 2: The affiliate you’re promoting (whether a partner or not) should provide you with all the marketing material you’ll need such as images, links, ad copy and tracking codes for you to place in your promotional affiliate emails.

Step 3: You can then craft your affiliate offer email in your Autoresponder and schedule it to be sent out at a specific day and time.

Remember to use the same principles of HIGH VALUE that you use in ALL the emails to send to your list.

Step 4: Then, anytime someone from your list clicks on the affiliate link from that email the click is tracked.

Step 5: If that click results in a sale, meaning someone from YOUR list buys from that link, you get paid a commission for that sale!

How Affiliate Offers Work

It’s really that simple!

Affiliate commissions can vary, but the standard percentage these days is 50%. So if you promote a $497 program, you get $248.50 for EACH tribe member that buys. Pretty cool, huh?

Now you don’t want to bog your list down with a constant stream of affiliate offers so you need to keep these to a MAXIMUM of once a month.

So with only 12 slots a year…you need to choose your affiliate offers and partners VERY wisely. Look for relevant high value and great deals!

I promise, if you choose wisely and make them count, affiliate offers can add another revenue stream to your biz courtesy of your list!

Sales Offers

You can’t have a profitable list if you aren’t presenting them with sales offers, no two ways about it.

Now this isn’t an affiliate offer I am talking about, this is YOUR product, program or service I’m referring to.

Never be afraid to present a product or program to your list for sale. In fact, you should be doing that every 90 days.

It’s good practice to present your list with YOUR solutions on a regular basis, so you continue to build and grow your trust, value and influence with them.

Here are 7 type of goods you can present to your list for sale:

•DVD or Online Training Program





•Webinar Course

•1-on-1 or Group Coaching Session

Now this list by NO MEANS covers all the options you have to create and offer for sale, but it’s a great list to get you’re creative juices flowing.

I find the smallest things can jar the most amazing things loose in my noggin, so I hope this list will do the same for you.

Success & Failure Stories

When I was first getting started I never crossed my mind to send these kind of emails.

I didn’t think people wanted to hear how great others are doing while they’re struggling, or even worse, how badly I had screwed something up. I just didn’t think there was value in any of that….But I was dead WRONG!

The problem was, I had the wrong mindset.

Let me explain…When we hear about successful people a lot of times we assume it was a rite of passage for them. That they are at an unattainable level we will never reach or have had resources we will never attain.

The truth is behind every success, there’s a trip up, set back or some kind of embarrassing first struggle. See, it’s natural to find solace in hearing about others struggles and achievements. WHY?

 See, when we hear about someone figuring something out, we insert ourselves in their story and we start smelling the roses too.

It’s a figurative invitation to reach your own successful milestones.

So, what kind of success and failure stories can you send to your list to motivate and drive them forward in their mission?

 There are 3 different approaches you can take for this type of email.

APPROACH# 1: Promote Client Success

Highlight a specific accomplishment one of your clients made using your methods, products or programs. Break down the exact strategies, tools and elements they used to get the specific results they did.

APPROACH# 2: Showcase Happy Clients

Showcase a great testimonial by highlighting what you’ve helped your customers achieve. This might sound dangerously like bragging, but it’s NOT, it’s positioning. Meaning, it positions YOU as an expert that is truly out there helping people achieve the solutions they need to increase their happiness. See bragging makes you a douche bag, positioning makes you valuable, never confuse the two!

APPROACH# 3: Stories of Failure

If you’re anything like me, you just CAN’T relate to anyone that claims to be perfect. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. If you want to be a trusted resource for your list, you better get a healthy dose of humble pie!

Failures are part of life, so in your journey to become a trusted resource to your list you better get used to getting personal and transparent with the mistakes you’ve made.

You didn’t get to this place because you’re perfect; you got to this place by learning from mistakes.

The fact is we have as much to learn from failures as we do from successes, so don’t be afraid to share your screw ups, what you learned from them and how you fixed them.

Don’t piecemeal yourself, give your tribe the WHOLE you…they WILL thank you for it, that I can promise!

Now I my question to you is:

Have you incorporated all 4 if these email types into your email campaigns?  If not, which ones haven’t you and why?  Share your stories and feedback in the comments.