10 Ways To Build Influence With Your Email List


10 Ways To Build Influence With Your Email List Trust is CRITICAL when it comes to fostering a profitable email list, but guess what is equally as important?


Influence drives, inspires, is unwavering, and causes people to take action.

Influence is about getting people to actually do something.

Influence is NOT the same as Popularity!

“Popularity is fleeting. Influence lasts”

Popularity is when people like you, influence is when people listen to you!

You can be popular and not influential; you can be influential and not be popular. Popularity doesn’t necessarily mean you’re influential.

Popularity might give you a platform to reach millions of people, which is great, but just because they are listening doesn’t mean they are going to take action.

It’s about the level of trust between you and your tribe that measures your influence, not traffic stats alone!

Can you see the difference between popularity and influence now?

 Here are 10 simple ways to make sure you’re building influence with your tribe:

1. Be True To YOU

Use your unique voice in your content and correspondence.

2. Get Transparent

Get personal. You’re not some character on the other end of their screen, your real, so show them they real YOU. It takes practice, but using your real voice with your list will help them better relate to you and your message.

3. Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated!

Another one that should be obvious, but all too often it’s not. Don’t be a dick or criticize people. Like my mother taught me…If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

4. Chat WITH Them

Invite your tribe to engage and interact with you. Invite comments and questions in EVERYTHING you do with your list.

5. Stay Relevant

Listen and ask questions to stay on top of your tribe’s pain points, so you can provide them with the solutions they need when they need them.

6. Let Them Hear And See You

Incorporate video and/or podcasts in your content so your audience can hear you and see you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, can you image what a video is?

7. Tell Your Story

Chuck the fluff off your website and social media profiles and replace it with your story. Tell your story in a charismatic way so your tribe FEELS like they know you personally.

8. Get Your Selling Ratio Right

Don’t get stuck in d-bag salesy mode. It should be 95% relationship building and 5% selling. I know it sounds counterintuitive but remember it’s about building TRUST and INFLUENCE first!

9. Over Deliver

If you over deliver your list will WANT to give back even more. See, when you give something valuable to someone that didn’t expect it, it’s human nature to feel a deep need to repay them somehow. Hence the saying…Give and You Shall Receive.

10. Show Your Numbers

Show the # of comments and shares on an article of yours or announce the monthly subscribers or followers achieved from a certain campaign. Content and strategies that have attracted a lot of attention and/or results will attract even more simply by sharing those numbers.

There you have it…10 simple ways to build influence with your list.

After you’re done going through this list, my question to you is this:

 Are you building influence with your email list? Is there another way you use to build influence with your tribe that you can share with me and the CGA community?  Share your thoughts and/or questions in the comments.  I’m looking forward to hearing how YOU build influence with your tribe…